Welcome to You Are The Jury, where we take a look at opposing legal arguments that you, the American public, get to decide the just outcome.

In this day and age, too many of our courtrooms are filled with con artists, crooked lawyers and an imperfect legal system. Some evildoers spend their waking hours looking for legal loopholes that they can use against the uninformed American public, who would otherwise have faith in our legal system.

Every day, criminals are set free by a system that rewards them for their legal prowess in victimizing the public in this way… until now.

Enter, "You Are The Jury." Every week, we will examine a new case. One that may, or may not have, seen the light of day in a normal courtroom. The difference is this: In our courtroom, you are the jury. There are no legal loopholes to consider. Every week you view the evidence and decide the fate of each case. You decide who is right, and who is wrong and what the punishment (if any) is appropriate for the losing party.

Both parties enter into this forum freely, each as petitioner, plaintiff and defendant, equally. Since you are the jury, you decide the fate of each case based on its merits and what you believe is right and wrong. In this forum there is no room for legal manipulation.

The weekly schedule is as follows:

  1. One new case will be presented to the jury (our participating audience). Both sides will provide evidence and testimony to the jury. During the following period of one week, jurors will consider the evidence, deliberate and come to their own conclusions. Their results will be reviewed and collated by our producers.

  2. After introducing the new case, our producers will present the results of the previous week's case. The results will be based solely on the input from our participating audience. The results will include who is right and who is wrong. It will also include the top three penalties (if any) as submitted by our jurors.

Don't allow crime and criminals to be rewarded for manipulating the legal system. Don't continue to victimize victims of injustice. Make a stand. Tune in every week and participate in America's only "real" courtroom, where YOU ARE THE JURY.


Do you have legal issues that you would like to present via our public forum? Are you willing to let the American public decide right and wrong, rather than letting you case fall victim to an imperfect legal system? Or, have you already been wronged by the legal system and would like to try your case before the American public?

Submit your case to the producers of YOU ARE THE JURY. Your case could be our next case before the American public. Send the detail of your case to:

YOU ARE THE JURY - Submissions
P.O. Box 2054, Aberdeen, WA 98520
Via email:

Our producers will contact you with information on how to present your case in our forum. There is no financial charge for any services to those presenting their case.

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